Sunday, April 8, 2018

Vowel Team Flashcards, -ai, -ay

Hi Friends,

I had a special request to make some flashcards for young readers to practice vowel team skills.   These umbrella flashcards  for words with -ai or -ay are the beginning of this request.  I will add more vowel teams later this week.

The ai-ay vowel team flashcards will give beginning readers opportunity to practice words that have –ay at the end of the word of –ai in the middle of a word.  Because it may be hard for beginning readers to remember to say the long a sound these vowel teams I have made 2 versions of these flashcards.

Version 1 – words are written normally, no modifications.
Version 2 – the vowel team is underlined to remind your student that these vowels work together to say the long a sound.

Also included is a raindrop game board. 
Students place the cards upside down.  Each player has their own game board.  For each card they read correctly they get to put a marker down on the board.  The first child to cover all of the raindrops is the winner.

Click here to download the flashcards
 Click picture to go to my TeachersPayTeachers store

Have a great week and enjoy spending time with your students!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Newsletter April 6, 2018

 Kindergarten News Letter April 6, 2018

Our kindergarten is planning a trip to the Albuquerque Zoo next month.  Last night we had a fundraiser to pay for the trip.  It was a huge success!  I am so grateful to all of the parents and community members who supported our efforts to make the children's kindergarten experience educational as well as exciting and fun.  Thanks again everyone.

I listened to a TED talk this week about parenting by Julie Lythcott-Haims, a former Dean at Stanford.  I enjoyed it so much that I listened to it twice.  It is 15 minutes long and worth the time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

     Last week we had a great time reading stories about how things grow.  We started off the week with a great book about Oscar, a cat who is taught about different animals by a frog.  They explore how animals are born or hatched and the changes they go through as they grow up.  The children found this book very entertaining.  They were especially interested in mammals and were surprised to find out that they are a mammal as well.

      Another great story that we read as a class was about Zinnia.  We follow her through the many stages of planning, planting and harvesting a flower garden.  The students were so excited to plant their own seeds to grow.  We planted the same seeds that grew in the story: zinnia, sweet pea, sunflowers and cosmos.  Hopefully in about 2 weeks we will have some little green buds coming up through our soil.

     I recommend these books and the following materials if you want to grow a flower garden like ours.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hi Friends,

I like to send a newsletter home each week with my students.  I include a little information about how parents can help their children learn how to read and how they can help their children with math.  In this week's edition I have a write up about listening comprehension.  I want parents to know how important and influential they are in their child's success at school.  On the back of the newsletter I have a coupon that parents can sign and return to let me know they read the newsletter.  When the kindergartners return the coupon I let them move their clip up on the class behavior chart.  Being reliable in taking things home and returning the things I need back is definitely a behavior I want to reinforce.

You can follow the link below to read this week's newsletter.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a great week doing wonderful things for your students.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

It will be time to change the decor in my classroom in a few days.  This just takes a few minutes and I even have the kinders help me with changing the numberline because it is down low to the floor.

I have a set of alphabet and number posters in my TpT store with a Valentine theme.  There is a circle in the top center of each poster so you know where to punch a hole to hang these on a small command hook.
These are the command hooks I use in my class.  They are perfect for hanging the alphabet and number posters.
For the next 3 days only, I will have these posters on sale in my TpT shop for 20% off.  That makes this room decore ridiculously affordable.  Grab yours now before the price goes up on February 1st.

To continue the Valentine's theme I have some sight word flashcards to practice the first 100 Fry words.  They are super adorable!  I like to cut my flashcards around the heart shape, but there is a rectangle outline you can follow as well if you like cards with that shape. Until February 1st, these cards will be free in my store.  Go grab them now!

I hope you have a great week and your preparations for Valentine's day make you happy and fill your students with joy!


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year It's Penguin Time

Winter is in full swing and Christmas has passed.  This time of year the students in kindergarten like to learn about penguins.  Little learners like to learn about winter animals.  Here are a few items created to make your classroom and your teaching reflect the love for these birds.

Penguin Decor

I hang the alphabet and number posters with small Command Hooks so  I can change decor easily and frequently with our themes.  Each poster has a small circle in the top center to indicate where to punch a hole so they can easily be hung on the hook.  

The posters include the letters A-Z, plus the digraphs ch, sh, th, ph, wh, and the double consonants.  These cute posters will give students a reference point to turn for help. 

The number posters are 0-20 with numerals, number words and a ten-frame on each poster.

All of the posters can also be printed multiple to a page to create flashcards or game cards for Old Maid, Go Fish or Memory.

Penguin Alphabet Flashcards

These cute flashcards are a great way for little learned to practice naming and matching the letters of the alphabet.  Cut on the line for rectangle shaped cards or loosely follow the penguin outline to have penguin-shaped cards.  So much fun for little hands to play with.

Penguin Swim Game

 Here is a fun penguin themed game that helps practice sight words.  Pick a card, read the word, and if read correctly, move forward the number of places indicated on the card.  The first one to the finish line is the winner.

Have fun with your classroom as you learn about penguins.  

Monday, October 23, 2017

Just posted to TeachersPayTeachers, these cute bat-shaped flashcards to practice Fry's first 100 sight words.  They come in full color and a blackline version.  Have fun learning to read sight words.

Going Batty Flashcards