Tuesday, April 3, 2018

     Last week we had a great time reading stories about how things grow.  We started off the week with a great book about Oscar, a cat who is taught about different animals by a frog.  They explore how animals are born or hatched and the changes they go through as they grow up.  The children found this book very entertaining.  They were especially interested in mammals and were surprised to find out that they are a mammal as well.

      Another great story that we read as a class was about Zinnia.  We follow her through the many stages of planning, planting and harvesting a flower garden.  The students were so excited to plant their own seeds to grow.  We planted the same seeds that grew in the story: zinnia, sweet pea, sunflowers and cosmos.  Hopefully in about 2 weeks we will have some little green buds coming up through our soil.

     I recommend these books and the following materials if you want to grow a flower garden like ours.

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