Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year It's Penguin Time

Winter is in full swing and Christmas has passed.  This time of year the students in kindergarten like to learn about penguins.  Little learners like to learn about winter animals.  Here are a few items created to make your classroom and your teaching reflect the love for these birds.

Penguin Decor

I hang the alphabet and number posters with small Command Hooks so  I can change decor easily and frequently with our themes.  Each poster has a small circle in the top center to indicate where to punch a hole so they can easily be hung on the hook.  

The posters include the letters A-Z, plus the digraphs ch, sh, th, ph, wh, and the double consonants.  These cute posters will give students a reference point to turn for help. 

The number posters are 0-20 with numerals, number words and a ten-frame on each poster.

All of the posters can also be printed multiple to a page to create flashcards or game cards for Old Maid, Go Fish or Memory.

Penguin Alphabet Flashcards

These cute flashcards are a great way for little learned to practice naming and matching the letters of the alphabet.  Cut on the line for rectangle shaped cards or loosely follow the penguin outline to have penguin-shaped cards.  So much fun for little hands to play with.

Penguin Swim Game

 Here is a fun penguin themed game that helps practice sight words.  Pick a card, read the word, and if read correctly, move forward the number of places indicated on the card.  The first one to the finish line is the winner.

Have fun with your classroom as you learn about penguins.  

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