Sunday, April 8, 2018

Vowel Team Flashcards, -ai, -ay

Hi Friends,

I had a special request to make some flashcards for young readers to practice vowel team skills.   These umbrella flashcards  for words with -ai or -ay are the beginning of this request.  I will add more vowel teams later this week.

The ai-ay vowel team flashcards will give beginning readers opportunity to practice words that have –ay at the end of the word of –ai in the middle of a word.  Because it may be hard for beginning readers to remember to say the long a sound these vowel teams I have made 2 versions of these flashcards.

Version 1 – words are written normally, no modifications.
Version 2 – the vowel team is underlined to remind your student that these vowels work together to say the long a sound.

Also included is a raindrop game board. 
Students place the cards upside down.  Each player has their own game board.  For each card they read correctly they get to put a marker down on the board.  The first child to cover all of the raindrops is the winner.

Click here to download the flashcards
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Have a great week and enjoy spending time with your students!

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