Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mongolia Lesson

My daughter, Dani, moved home from Mongolia last Friday after living there for 18 months, serving a mission for our church.  Dani taught us about things she observed while she lived in Mongolia. Here are some pictures of what she displayed for us today.

This painting is done on soft, lamb's wool.  It has the word Mongolia embroidered on the back.

This traditional Mongolian vest is called a "handataz."  The buttons are created by some very special knots.
This is how the "bathand" looks while being modeled.

Here are what the letters look like in Mongolian.
Wow! Look at all that cash.  It is the equivalent of $5 for all of it.

Mongolian money.  The bills are different sizes, the smaller the bill, the less is it worth. The larger the bill, the more it is worth.

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